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Test-Tech Develop New Method For Assessing Papers For Dry Toner Digital Press Printing

Transfer Current Window Testing There are many paper factors that affect print quality on dry toner digital presses including volume and surface resistivity, moisture content, salt content and type, sheet structure, roughness. The problem with using measurements like these to predict print quality is that they interact with each other, very importantly with the press […]

Digital press paper compatibility chart for a speciality paper maker

Digital press paper compatibility chart for speciality paper maker Background – Understanding which paper will work on which digital printing system has become increasingly difficult as the range of digital printing systems continues to grow. This is particularly the case for speciality paper manufacturers who have a very large number of different grades, many of […]

Test-Tech invest in New Tissue Tests

Test-Tech invest in New Tissue Tests In response to growing demand from retailers and distributors for a full suite of tests to allow benchmarking and auditing of a broad range of tissue products, Test-Tech has recently expanded its portfolio of tests for tissue products to include water absorption capacity, absorption time and sheet dispersion testing. […]

Fibre Viscosity Analyser

Fibre Viscosity Analyser The latest acquisition at Test-Tech Amersham is a fully automatic Fibre Viscosity Analyser. This analyser enables the determination of fibre viscosity according to the International Standard procedure TAPPI T230 om8. The process involves the dissolving of the fibre in Cupriethylenediamine solution then measurement of viscosity under exacting temperature conditions. The equipment provides […]