Test-Tech invest in New Tissue Tests

Test-Tech invest in New Tissue Tests

In response to growing demand from retailers and distributors for a full suite of tests to allow benchmarking and auditing of a broad range of tissue products, Test-Tech has recently expanded its portfolio of tests for tissue products to include water absorption capacity, absorption time and sheet dispersion testing. These tests comply with International standards ISO 12625 (basket immersion test) and NF Q34-020 (hygiene papers) respectively.

The full range of specific physical tests now includes:

  • Thickness, bulking thickness and apparent density
  • Tensile strength, stretch at break and tensile energy absorption
  • Wet tensile
  • Grammage determination
  • Brightness/Whiteness
  • Colour
  • Opacity
  • Water absorption (sink) time
  • Water absorption capacity
  • Ballburst test (penetration test)
  • Wet ballburst test
  • Tensile strength of perforation (perforation efficiency)
  • Sheet dispersion/disintegration

Tests comply with all parts of ISO 12625 – Testing standards for tissue products

In addition Test-Tech offer a range of chemical analysis and microscopy services for full characterisation of the tissue materials.