Fibre & Pulp Evaluation

Offering over 70 man years of pulp and fibre evaluation experience using modern laboratory testing equipment, Test-Tech can advise clients on finding the most effective wood species, fibre quality and identifying the most cost-effective processing conditions.

Fibre & Pulp Testing and Assessment:

  • Quantified refining and beating conditions to identify fibres papermaking potential
  • Evaluation of fibres under varying stock preparation processing conditions
  • Evaluation of Hardwood, Softwood, Annual, DIP, Mechanical, Cotton-linters and Synthetic Fibres
  • Provide accurate furnish modelling to achieve cost-effective sheet quality
  • Conduct project investigations to develop the use of novel fibres and design new paper grades
  • Referring to a comprehensive dbase of wood genus, quantify paper furnish and fibre genus used in support of EUTR regulations
  • Waste paper products recycling studies

Stock Preparation System Assessments:

  • Stock preparation system surveys and efficiency audits
  • Stock preparation system benchmarking
  • Redesigning stock preparation systems
  • Project support for stock preparation system development / upgrading
  • Technical support for the efficient processing of current market and novel papermaking fibres
  • Consultancy support in the field of Stock Preparation

Fibre laboratory testing instrumentation:

  • Pilot refining system (reproducing commercial plant)
  • Valley beater / PFI Mill
  • Sommerville screen
  • Bauer McNett classifier
  • PulpExpert fibre analyser
  • Fibre viscosity analyser
  • Britt jar
  • Handsheet manufacture with drainage rate analysis
  • Water retention value
  • Furnish and wood species analysis
  • Zeta potential / conductivity / pH / ash